“Above it All” by Matthew D. Christianson

shang_terrace_3-150x150The LES Hotel on Allen at Houston (From the owners of Thompson Hotels) has a slick little Asian restaurant with an outdoor terrace that over looks the bustling action on the streets below. Shang’s dining area is filled with beautiful people that are a mixed crowd between locals and visitors to NYC, but everyone is dressed to impress. The warmly lit patio with comfortable seating was the perfect setting for a relaxing meal. The wine list was definitely approachable and reasonably priced with a $10 Gamay and a $12 Oregon Pinot Noir, both delicious. Canadian Rock star Chef Susur Lee’s enticing tapas style dishes make up the surprisingly through, but very concise food menu. Yellowtail sashimi wrapped around celery sprouts pickled daikon and finished with a lemon jam and soy sauce. Next the grilled skirt steak served with pear fennel and avocado puree was a definite palate pleaser. Finally the satay skewers with beef, chicken and shrimp were served with a crunchy peanut sauce and mint puree that was outstanding.  Down tempo beats filled the balmy night air and great looking waitresses filled guest’s hands with quality libations equaling good times for all at Shang. Get Shanghaied on the LES tonight!


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