“Caffeine Dream” by Matthew D. Christianson

despressopicToday I woke up a little grumpy and to the sound of my front door buzzer ringing. I forgot that the Cable Guy was scheduled (8am-12pm) to drop by to check out the hookups in our new apartment. I was surprised that the guy had come so early (Just before 9am) as they are never come when you want them to and I had some errands to run. Glad that he would be connecting us to the outside world, my mood improved. The guy moved quickly and was courteous as he did his job and was gone in a jiffy. I then got my act together so I could accomplish something before noon, as I am a notorious PRO-crastonator. I grabbed my keys, hat and glasses threw the laundry bag over my shoulder and was down to the street in a flash. I had a few missions to complete, but the #1 priority was to comb the neighborhood in search of the best cup of coffee. I stumbled down the block toward the laundry drop off point and I spied a small caffeinated café going by the name “d’espresso”.  Size definitely doesn’t matter at this coffee shop, as the mocha I ordered was fully stacked. When I try a new java house I always order a mocha because I feel that it is really easy to screw up a mocha and will be the true test of if a place in worth coming back to for a second cup. Due to the volume of suspect mochas I’ve consumed in the past (Shame on you Starbucks!), I was doubtful until that first sip. The perfect blend of chocolate and creamy milk infused with the right amount of sugar to balance the tasty beverage. Maybe they have the secret formula at “d’espresso”, but since they are located at 100 Stanton just around the corner from my place on Rivington this café is a great hideout for me.


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