“It Was a Good Day” by Matthew D. Christianson

ineditYesterday, I shook famous Spanish Chef Ferran Adria’s hand and was elated! He’s my hero and is probably the best chef in the world at this point! He designed an amazing beer called “Inedit” created by the brewmasters at Estrella Damm Beers. Diverse in it’s ability to pair with many different food ingredients this White/Lager style beer blend is also easily drunk by itself. There were many passed tapas designed to pair with the brew highlighting various seafoods, curry, duck, apple, salmon, artichokes and many other ingredients and the beer pleasant with all! Soft corriander and orange zest versatille with a creamy head. The concoction was temperature controlled with a 750ml wine bottle being the format and low alcohol. Bringing only 4.6% alcohol content this beer is meant to be savored and to be drank slow and for the duration
of the meal (23 Courses at El Bulli). Oh, ya it was also Ferran’s BDAY today (5/14), and doesn’t it figure that he is a Taurus and the chef of El Bulli(The Bull)! I can say that I was there when this great contribution to beer was launched at the River Cafe on the water in NYC!



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