Kicking Around a New Name for this blog. What do you think?

The Insatiable Culinarian:

Hello, my name is Matthew D. Christianson and I am a culinary school addict. With five certifications under my belt (so far) at the International Culinary Center in Soho, some people might say that I have a serious problem. The Classic Culinary Arts curriculum was definitely the “gateway drug” that got me hooked. After my first taste I was in and open to trying anything culinary. So I took all of them: The Craft of Food Writing, Hospitality Industry Management, a Three-Day Wine Intensive and Food Blogging. Last summer, it got so bad that I found myself searching for culinary knowledge outside of ICC and I decided to take a hit of the American Sommelier Association’s Viticulture and Vinification wine studies course. Even right now, while I’m writing this message, I’m looking for my next fix. And recently I’ve had the indulgent thoughts of taking a Pastry Arts course and also Artisinal Bread Making. It appears that I will need professional help to curb the insatiable culinarian inside of me!


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