“Monthly Stock Check” by Matthew D. Christianson

images-3 Every month restaurant managers and owners are taking inventory of their supplies and probably most important the alcohol and wine that they have in stock. It is always a dreaded task and is usually shared between two to three people as to break up a big job into smaller pieces so that it is not as daunting for a single individual. The bar area including items in the fridge as well as display items all have to be counted, which requires much agility due to confined spaces in most NYC bars. The wine room located close to the managers office is the most desireable place to count as it is cool and close to the action and the busy service floor where managers are often interrupted to solve a problem for service staff members. The biggest and dirtiest job is the stock room located on the 5th floor and has a temp control but in the summer months is still pretty hot and is often dusty. The job usually takes around 4 to 5 hours depending on the size of the inventory and size of the managerial staff in place to tackle the job. Inventory is an important stat used by managers and owners to track profit or loss on particular food and beverage items and is also useful in tracking the high and low sellers so that adjustments can be made. Bitter sweet but absolutely necessary to secure success in every restaurant.  Happy Counting!


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