“Fill’er Up!” by Matthew D. Christianson

images-3On Saturday night around 9 pm my fiancee and I strolled down the block on our way to see a friend who works the front door at Freeman’s. Located at the end of Freeman Alley on Rivington between The Bowery and Chrystie, this lodge style restaurant serves up some amazing comfort food. Our guy hooked us up by sliding us into the top spot of the waiting list and we were sat within 10 minutes on a very busy evening. We were extremely hungry as we had been walking for hours that afternoon and we worked up a serious appetite. Ordering the delicious Hogarten braised PEI Mussels and the rustic Artichoke dip, which both came with a pile of bread, would probably been enough to satiate us but we plowed through them in record time. One of the main dishes that we selected was the Whole boneless Trout which was stuffed with Thyme and Lemon then grilled to perfection and melted in your mouth. The other was an oven roasted half Chicken which had golden brown crispy skin (one of life’s great pleasures) and was served with carmelized baby carrots; absolutely fantastic! If that didn’t sound like enough food, let me add that we also ordered the creamy Truffle Mashed Potatoes and sauteed Jumbo Asparagus. Declining on dessert was the only choice and we had to throw in the white linen napkin. On our way out we stopped at the bar to thank our man, who was sippin a tall cocktail to ease the pain of the service which he had just completed. On our walk home we were sluggish, but feeling well nourished and definately adequate for the rest of the evening (and half of the next day). Great meal at Freeman’s!


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