“Paying the Piper” by Matthew D. Christianson

hangover-thumbAs expected and after a hell of a celebration dinner last evening for my fiancee Simone’s 30th BDAY, I’m really HUNGOVER! My tender state was created mostly by the mixing of different alcohols and the excessive amounts of each one, 4 or 5 if you’re counting. Well my head has been throbing and I haven’t had an appetite all day, until dinner where I soaked up the booze with an extra large cheese burger and loads of fried potatoes, zucchini and onion rings. I usually don’t feel too bad after a binge, but today I woke up with a doozie and this morning I was asking around for a good remedy to cure this terrible feeling. Aspirin, H2O, Alcohol, Marijuana and Greasy Food are all things that were suggested and I decided on the latter two. What do other chef’s say about the subject? Anthony Bourdain says Kung Pao chicken and a joint put him back on the road to functionality, I knew I liked him for more than just his sarcastic books and TV series. Cafe Atlantico’s Katsuya Fukushima swears by the restorative powers of apple juice after a night of hard living. Nigella Lawson says that her, “Hangover cure is the “Prairie Oyster” which consists of an egg yolk, tabasco, worcester sauce, brandy and vinegar – you have to swallow it down in one gulp.” Marco Pierre White deals like this, he says, “I have a late night curry after a few pints to protect against getting a terrible hangover the next day”. Whatever your cure for the “budwiser flu” just remember to have fun and please drink responsibly!



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