“Got Salt?” by Matthew D. Christianson

The last couple of meals that I’ve eaten out here in NYC I’ve been a touch disappointed with the lack of seasoning that the chefs used to create their dishes. Surprising that these “seasoned” chefs have forgotten to use the most crucial ingredient present in almost all savory & sweet recipes. The importance of properly seasoning food is basic culinary 101 and was taught to us at The French Culinary Institute on day #1. How do you get things to taste good and bring out their natural flavors insuring that the dish pops? Quite simply put some salt and pepper on your food. Easy enough for most chefs, but maybe that’s the difference between 2 stars from New York Times and 2 stars Michelin. Oh well, I learn from other chefs mistakes and all of you should take note making sure “Not Forget the Salt”!


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