“Summer is Here!” by Matthew D. Christianson

IMG_0846Wow it’s getting warm and muggey out there in the NYC, but we are getting busier at L’Ecole the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute where I work in SoHo. Many New Yorkers split and leave town during this season opting for the beach house in the Hamptons or anywhere except here. Well it’s also time for those who live elsewhere to leave the everyday monotony of their cities to take a bite out of the Big Apple. I talked to people today who came from Paris, Florida, Connecticut, Oregon, California and Canada. What a pleasure it is to serve and bartend in NYC where I am able show so many people what “Hospitality” means to me. I enjoy what I do and I try to pass that feeling on to the guests that I come in contact with, in hopes that they will love being restaurants as much as I do. In an interview with Amazon, Meyer describes people like me who work in this business as “hospitalitarians”.  He says “A hospitalitarian is someone with a very high “HQ”—or hospitality quotient. It’s someone whose emotional makeup leads them to derive pleasure from the act of delivering pleasure.” It’s really like that for me and I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t work in a restaurant. In fact I’ve been a proud member of the hospitality industry for 16 very rewarding years and I’m definitely going to be a member for life. I love this stuff!


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