“Who’s Your Daddy?” by MDC

IMG_0850bMeet my Dad, Randall David Christianson. He is a detective in Riverside, California and has been on the police force for over 20 years. Risking his life everyday and showing courage in the face of danger is something that he does without reservation. Maybe that’s where I get my adventurous nature and why I had no trouble moving 3000 miles from where I grew up. Either way My Dad is a great guy who has a fantastic sense of humor (His favorite comedians are Rodney Dangerfield & Chevy Chase), is an excellent grill master (I remember BBQ’s in the back yard at a little place in Riverside and my Dad and I would make burgers and throw the baseball around) and thankfully he still looks pretty good for his age (Those Christianson Genes are top notch and you should see my Grandpa still with a full head of hair).  A lot of memories of my Dad and though we didn’t always agree we managed to put the important things first and do our best to maintain our friendship. I Love my Dad because he supports me in my life unconditionally and for that I give him the utmost respect (unlike Dangerfield who didn’t get any respect). Thanks for all that you have done for me Dad and have a Happy Father’s Day! Love You & Grandpa too!


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