“D(aniel)BGB” by MDC

IMG_0069As far away from up town as you need to get, Daniel Boulud’s DBGB Kitchen & Bar is fitting right into the LES’s hip scene. Opened just a few short weeks ago this laid back brasserie in bar’s clothing is waiting to blow your house in! Daniel & Co. are making everything on the menu from charcuterie to wine. Brilliant concept for the area and this seems to be every chef’s wet dream these days, simple food and back to basics among NYC’s insatiable critics. Extraordinary beer selection ranging in flavor and price but something for everyone’s palatte and pocketbook. However great it all seemed, the industry vet must creep into my review as the newest venture from our friend DB has some work to do and I feel that the service at the bar was somewhat unprofessional. Many service blunders, but I guess it’s alright since the’re not in the theatre district it’s not going to be expected or required to give good service. Either way I loved the chill spot that DB has so carefully tucked into the downtown area of Manhattan, Bravo DBGB!


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