Daily Culinary by MDC

Jean_Anthelme_Brillat-SavarinToday’s quote is, “Gastronomy is the intelligent knowledge of whatever concerns man’s nourishment. Its purpose is to watch over his conservation by suggesting the best possible sustenance for him. It arrives at this goal by directing, according to certain principles, all men who hunt, supply, or prepare whatever can be made into food.”

“Gastronomy is a part of:  Natural history, by its classification of alimentary substances;

Physics, because of the examination of the composition and quality of these substances;

Chemistry, by the various analyses and catalyses to which it subjects them;

Cookery, because of the art of adapting dishes and making them pleasant to the taste;

Business, by the seeking out of methods of buying as cheaply  as possible what is needed, and of selling most advantageously what can be produced for sale;

Finally, political economy, because of the sources of revenue which creates and the means of exchange which it establishes between nations.” — Brillat-Savarin’s classic defintion of gastronomy in his book from 1825 called Physiology of Taste


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