“Nick Nack Patty Whack, Momofuku Gives a Dog a Bone” by MDC

38_197Today in the NY Times Dining Section we had to read about Momofuku again! Frank Bruni tells about the new charitible cause that chef David Chang and Co. are helping out. For the past month, they have been donating the cooked beef/lamb/pork bones, that would otherwise be going in the bin, to local dog shelters. There’s a problem with this “good will”, as feeding cooked bones to your dog is dangerous due to the brittle nature of the bones and their high probability of splintering in the dog’s throat. While all restaurants should be donating to charity, each one should examine their specific situation in order to provide the right charity without hurting the business or anyone in any way. Maybe Chang should leave the philanthropy to the real star chefs like Eric Ripert, who is projecting to raise $100,000 for City Harvest in 2009. Even chefs Daniel Boulud and Jean-Georges Vongerichten were spotted helping out Citymeals-on-Wheels a few weeks ago at an event that raised $730,000. In my opinion people should worry less about what David Chang is doing and concentrate on some fresher material to report about, even if his heart and actions are in the right place!


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