“Good Chef, Bad Chef” by Matthew D. Christianson

14297694-chefEarlier Today, I was “talking shop” (industry gossip) with a Chef friend that I work with who told me that some very important people (that are “big shot” chefs) feel that if you are not using new techniques in your cooking, then you are not really a great chef. I have to strongly disagree with these vip’s as they are forgetting what got them to their star chef status. A great chef first learns how to cook based on classic French technique mastering the art of creating a proper dish. This solid base is then built upon for many years and may forge off into a number of directions. Influences from around the world many invade a chef’s style and often their personal cooking theme comes from within. At no time however, is any chef required to know anything accept for the basics, which are the essentials upon which all great cooking is formed. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to use Agar Agar to be a great chef, you just need to work hard and follow your heart! Remember who you are and where you came from, while always looking to the future!


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