“The Traveler has Come” by MDC

IMG_0002Hello All… Hope your July 4th was as enjoyable and relaxing as mine! I will start today with quote by Craig Claiborne in the NY Times Cook Book, ” It is true that world travel is on a scale unsurpassed in history, which is making the American palate more sophisticated.” With that idea in mind it is my pleasure to introduce to you a great friend of Simone & I, who we love dearly, Jayne Sully Cole. She is young and beautiful and is also in the restaurant biz like us, so she will be giving us her insight and thoughts.  Jayne is currently taking advantage of her last summer before college commencement, by traveling  to Mexico, Hawaii, Spain & France. She will be traveling a lot over the course of the next year, and thus, travel will be the major focus of her writing. She will also be shedding light on the Back of House operations of the restaurant at Zamas Hotel in Tulum Mexico headed by Executive Chef Paul Bentley. Bright, vibrant and full of life, Jayne is a hard working girl who has a lot to offer her readers, so follow her on the travel section of houndstoothny.com!


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