“Savoy’s Chef is the OG of Green Market Cuisine” by MDC

hoff03-wruleChef Peter Hoffman of Savoy Restaurant in SoHo has been picking the best quality products from the NYC Green Markets since the early 1990’s. He has been a pioneer and part of the driving force in what seems to have taken over most Americans ideas about what and how to eat. “Garbage in, Garbage Out” is a saying that everyone should keep in mind as they are standing on line at the local Mc D’s and they should understand that there are far better and a lot healthier options available. The price of the products at the green markets vary but if you get to know some of the vendors and are a loyal customer then they will thank you by giving you fantastic produce with a smile. Making connections in business is the American way to success, so take a note from Chef Hoffman and get cooking those fresh green market products today!

Click here to read the recent NY Time’s Frank Bruni review of Savoy!


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