“Heeerrrrre’sssss Jayney!” by Jayne Sully Cole

IMG_1469For me, food has always been a large part of my life. I was raised a vegetarian and from a very young age my parents instilled a deep love of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Although I’ve since crossed over to being a carnivore, I still spend many nights with my mom in the kitchen singing, dancing and making wholesome vegetarian meals together.
Unfortunately, growing up in the pressure-cooker that is Westchester County in upstate New York, being involved with food professionally wasn’t really an option for me. I went to a private high school where I was pushed towards excelling in subjects I hated and wound up at a major university where I was unhappy because I felt like I never fit in. I was doing miserably in all my classes and I couldn’t understand why I absolutely hated being a student of liberal arts.
Then one summer, I got the chance to work as a daytime reservationist at Suba restaurant where I learned the ins and outs of restaurant life. Although I was doing menial secretary work (answering phones, taking reservations, keeping track of invoices, etc.) I loved working in a restaurant. Everyday a new challenge presented itself, which always kept me on my toes and for the first time, I woke up every morning excited to start the day rather than wishing I never woke up.
From that point on, I finally felt like I’d found my place amongst people from all over the world, who all shared a love for food. It was as if everything suddenly made sense and I no longer felt like an outsider. Since working at Suba, I’ve worked in different positions from hostess to office manager trying to absorb as much as I can about all aspects of restaurants. I’ve since started a restaurant consulting business based in Mexico with chef Paul Bentley that allows me to travel throughout Mexico and other parts of the world. I hope to bring my love of food and travel to all of you houndstoothny readers!


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