“Ohhhhh Mexico” by JSC

tulum_mexico__best_beach_for_kite_board_surfing__and_lessonTulum, Mexico – warm sun, cool ocean breezes and a bustling culinary feast for the financially sound traveler.
I spent three nights here in Tulum in the care of virtually unknown mastermind chef Paul Bentley at a local resort where he presides over the kitchen. The restaurant, Que Fresco. The food, que bueno! Paul has created a menu of both locally inspired dishes (i.e tacos maya – a combination of spicy Achiote marinated fish and shrimp) and dishes inspired by his travels around the globe. Most are perfect for wandering travelers that frequent the area looking for elegant, rustic food that fills stomachs but doesn’t empty wallets. He offers classics like eggs benedict and fish and chips to refined versions of pizza and pasta dishes.
Making use of the wood-fired pizza oven on premises, Chef Bentley is able to create delicious thin-crusted pizza that I often miss when leaving the NYC area. I sampled a white pizza with tallegio cheese, field mushrooms and black truffle oil. Being a white pizza, I expected it to be on the lighter side lacking the robustness tomatoes usually provide but was surprised with the depth of flavor both the cheese and mushrooms created.
The tallegio cheese is a soft Italian cheese reminiscent of French Brie or Camembert varieties that gives the pizza a deep creamy, earthy flavor. On top of the cheese, Chef Bentley scatters a mixture of field mushrooms and sets the pizza in the large wood-fired oven. The result is a complimentary assortment of bubbling, smokey cheese and caramelized mushrooms topped with fresh parsley and white truffle oil, which round out the dish.
Hasta Luego!


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