“Is this Really Mexico?” by JSC

IMG_1582Before jetting off to Hawaii, I got to sample another of Chef Bentley’s dishes – hand rolled farfalle with pork meatballs, tomato marinara sauce and fresh basil.
Hand-made pasta is always such a treat and this was definitely no exception. Whether it was the lack of freezer burn or just the love that goes into making things by hand, the farfalle was light as air and had a faint buttery taste to it.
On the other hand, the pork meatballs added a great heartiness to the dish. Made with the usual suspects (breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, eggs, onions and fresh herbs) along with ground pork, Chef Bentley chose to make them smaller in size (a little bigger than marbles) than the huge meatballs I’m use to. This made the dish on the whole seem more manageable for a small person like me and afterwards I didn’t fall into a deep food coma.
Last but certainly not least, the tomato marinara sauce was glorious in its simplicity. I almost didn’t want to believe that it was nothing more than a combination of crushed tomatoes, olive oil and parsley. After coming across many marinara sauces embellished with unnecessary ingredients, it was a nice change of pace.


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