“Hawaii 2.0 – Chef’s Little Secret” by JSC

IMG_1681Before the big party took place in Hawaii, Chef Bentley gave an impromptu cooking class and served dinner to a small group of locals who wanted to learn how to serve restaurant quality dishes at home.

Sticking to a simple menu, he made figs topped with gorgonzola and prosciutto, tuna tartare on a bed of miso glazed eggplant and braised short ribs on a warm salad of double smoked bacon, apples, potatoes and sunchokes.

While it may sound complicated, any chef knows the secret is to get things started early in the day. This makes prepping much easier and everything a little less overwhelming.

Just before dinner was served, the figs were sliced in half and topped with gorgonzola, which was all wrapped in proscuitto. After sitting under the broiler for a few minutes, the cheese was melted and the proscuitto deliciously crispy.

The tuna got a quick rough chop and the eggplant cooked over a low heat with miso paste. The miso seasoning, in addition with some fresh herbs added at the end gave the tartare a fresh, rounded flavor and the textures of tuna and eggplant complimented each other nicely.

After their long braise, the short ribs almost melted in the mouth while the acidity of the red wine reduction drizzled over them complimented the fattiness of the ribs.

All the dishes were successful and everyone left pleased with the quality and simplicity of the summer menu!


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