“What’s Up For Family?” by MDC

maar_the_first_seating_vEveryday, around 5 p.m., restaurants in the NYC area put up food for their employees who will later that evening be serving their customers dinner. The last thing that you want is to have a hungry server talking to your guests, while serving fantastic cuisine, and the best way to avoid the grumbling in the tummy is to feed your staff before service. This being said, wouldn’t you want to feed your team the best quality ingredients to sustain their energy level as to be sharp throughout the shift? Unfortunately, this week I have found myself in question of the high value that I would have thought would have been put into my meal before work by my checked pants wearing compadres. Wow, I have seen some unsavory dishes put up before, but Monday night was different! The duck confit sandwich was great in concept and flavor, but the product had just been used too many times over, I guess to stretch a dollar. I know that the left-overs are used prodiminantly in the staff meal, but I don’t need to get sick for the the sake of the kitchen staff saving a buck. Staff meal is a time to get familiar with each other and share a dining experience together and is not for passing bad food on to your unexpecting workers. Please clean up your acts in the kitchen and start worrying about your sales people more as much as your food costs!


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