“What Happened to All My $$$?” by MDC

Geldbeutel_01Either there is a whole in my wallet the size of the one in the ozone or it’s really f’n’ expensive to live in NYC! Take the price of a 6er of Heinekin for example, is $12 or a pack of cigarettes is over $10. The monthly rent for my apartment is over $2300 and the summer AC needs have shot the electricity bill to over $200. What is the deal? Just because there are a large number of well off individuals living in Manhattan doesn’t warrant the inflated prices of these essential items. I guess that I need to move to Brooklyn where the residents gaze longingly at the glimmering lights of the city hoping to one day pierce it’s shiny bubble. Or on second thought, I didn’t move to NY to live in the boroughs so I’ll suck it up and fight for my right to party in the Big Apple! I ain’t never leavin’!


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