“Well That’s All Folks” by MDC

sunjar_lgI’ve been initiated and I’ve have had a “Jar” at Tom & Jerry’s bar on Houston & Elizabeth. A lot of Hendrick’s Gin (’bout 2/3 alcohol) and the rest Cucumber/Lemonade. Fantastic concoction with panty removal qualities as it is as easy to drink as “Country Time”. Due to the fact that it has enough punch of 3 drinks 1/2 it’s size, I was struggling to keep it together after just one. My next move was a Brooklyn Lager as to keep the party rollin’, but I was reminiscing about the afore mentioned libation. What a great idea to mix a lot of alcohol with something that tastes great to all parties! Bravo to the inventor of the “Jar”, as it will be the call of many for years to come. Cravable and tastey is all that needs to be present in most cocktails, but this one is a keeper. Thanks to all the staff who flowed me drinks ’til the wee hours, you’re the best! C U in da morning, ahhhhhhh!


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