“Where do ‘Heirloom or Heritage’ Chickens come from?” by MDC

Heritage ChickensWhy these Heritage Chicken breeds come from Frank Reese’s farm Good Shepard Ranch in Lindsborg, Kansas. Frank has raised standard varieties of turkeys since his childhood, and is currently leading the effort to conserve heritage turkeys through breeding, production collaborations with regional farms, and regional and national marketing strategies. He is dedicated to raising all of his poultry humanely on pasture and providing his customers with the highest quality turkey available. Frank also breeds “Heirloom” chickens, ducks, and geese and has begun marketing selected breeds.

Frank Reese

Frank Reese

For the past couple of days at Savoy, we have been running some of Frank’s Heritage Chicken breeds on special. We are trying to get feedback and promote a proposed chicken dinner night later this month at the restaurant. So far, the guest’s are really enjoying the idea of having a whole roasted organic bird that has been humanely treated and is also a bit of a rare find on a menu for many of those fancy NYC chef’s who chicken as being a boring entre choice. Glad that I work for some chef’s who embrace the tradition of cooking great top quality specialty products and don’t let their egos get in the way of a good thing!


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