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Daily Culinary by MDC

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dnbmfc“If you’re going to cook with simple flavors, then everything on the plate has to be perfect!” — Tom Colicchio


“Moving On Up” by MDC

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rs-aureole-608After finishing my time at L’Ecole and the French Culinary Institute, I felt that I was prepared to start using my skills and education to progress in the hospitality industry. For a while I was unsure what my next step would be, but after answering a ad I landed an interview with Charles Puchot the General Manager of the renowned chef Charlie Palmer’s newly relocated (to the new Bank of America building at 42nd and 6th) and reopened Aureole.  Since I knew about this NYC restaurant’s high accolaids and long time success, I was very interested in landing the job. Well that I did and I am excited to report that I now work for one of NYC’s 31 1 star Michelin rated restaurant as a dining room server. It’s hard work and the new Executive Chef Christopher Lee, formerly of Gilt in NYC, runs an extremely tight ship to maintain the quality of his elegant menu items. Working with these industry heavy weights is a dream come true and I will keep you posted on the events behind the lines at one of NYC’s finest restaurants.

“Found A Home, Far Away From Home” by MDC

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Splash_French_Culinary_4As Tuesday 9/8/2009 marked my final day of employment at The French Culinary Institute, I would like to give thanks to all of you who I got the pleasure of meeting and working with everyday. Life in NYC is hard, especially if you’ve moved 3000 miles away from your home, so I owe a lot to those who helped me make it here over the past three years and whom I now consider a part of my family. After earning 5 FCI certificates and enjoying just over 2 years employment at L’Ecole, I logged quite a few hours in the building resultantly benefiting from contact with so many important people. These individuals have advised, assisted, backed, befriended, believed in, cheered for, encouraged, endorsed, furthered, gone to bat for, lent a hand to, lifted, opened doors for, pushed, relieved, saved, stuck up for, supported and taken care of me. I’d like to give special thanks to those who showed me the ropes and took me under their wings, ultimately giving me the tools for success in the tough hospitality industry. Sad to be leaving and forever indebted, the FCI will always hold a special place in my heart!

Much love and many thanks to and in no particular order: Dorothy Hamilton, Claudia Ramone, Marcella Smith, Alexis Kahn, Chris Papagni, Gary Apito, Audrey Chasi, Karen Endy, Josephine D’cicco, Joanne Whitwell, Cris Mertz, David Lopez, Alain Sailhac, Will Boze, John Davis, Barbara Sarrubi, Vincent Oliva, Jock Grundy, Katie Myers, Jen Scher, Shane Weinstock, Carla Owens, Leslie Scotland, Jacques Pepin, Phil Gutenschen, Eric Murnighan, Emily Marshak, Alan Richman, Steven Shaw, Matt Randall, Nils Noren, Kristen Magueri, Dave Arnold,  Andre Soltner, Cesare Casella, Ron Ben-Israel, Candy Argondizza, Marc Bauer, Sixto Alonso, Pascal Beric, Phil Burgess, Jeff Butler, Wanda Centeno, Karen Chirgwin, Janet Crandall, John Cumming, Ray Dawson, Laura Guetti, Mimi Hill, Jaffrey Hom, Lisa LaCorte, Justin Levine, Veronica Lindemann, Hervé Malivert, Xavier Mayonove, Ryan Orkus, Marc Pavlovic, Dominique Payraudeau, Jason Potanovich, Rogers Powell, Timothy Shaw, Michelle Spiegel, Annette Tomei, Angela Dimino, Henri Viain, Nicolay Yerofeyen, Joe Jae Kim, Kir Rodriguez, Karen Bornarth, Christina Wang, Brian Bishop, Chef Bear, Chef Jeremy, Chef Jeremiah, Mindy, Wendy, Tara, Alex  Suzanne Sobel, Michael Stiver, Ester Rose, all the L’Ecole FOH staff and A La Carte Kitchen and so many more!

-Sincerely, Matthew D. Christianson

Daily Culinary by MDC

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61Today’s quote is: “The truely dedicated chef or the true lover of food is a person who has learned to go beyond mere catastrophe and to salvage at least one golden moment from every meal.” — Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

“Setting the Breakfast Table” by Dali

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salvador_daliI always like eggs at dinner time!

Daily Culinary by MDC

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henderson1Today’s quote is: “In cooking, it is important to utilize all parts of the animal from nose to tail. It would be disingenuous to the animal not to make the most of the whole beast; there is a set of delights, textural and flavorsome, which lie beyond the fillet.” — Fergus Henderson

Daily Culinary by MDC

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Elena+ArzakToday’s quote is: “I am very influenced by my environment. What I love most is working with outstanding raw materials, always respecting one principle: Do not change the product too much. You can do a lot with spices, contrasting flavours and technique, but you have to retain the ingredient’s own natural qualities.” — Elena Arzak