“Can You Taste a Far Away Place?” by MDC

3690737-lgThe cuisine of America is currently undergoing a major transformation and the rise in popularity of the Chef’s Tasting Menu has elevated the diner’s experience to new heights.   More of the public is becoming aware of the finer nuances of dining out and they posses a growing curiosity about the cuisines of other nations.  Today’s restaurant patron is looking for a tour of another country that will be guided by the chef’s menu.  Offering a tasting menu gives the chef the opportunity to tell a story or conjure an emotion in the guest. Each course will be composed of aromas, flavors, and textures that will invoke the senses. The end result is a successful captivation of a culture painted across the diner’s palate. Below I have listed my favorite restaurants with the most amazing chef tasting menus in the city.  At the top is Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns, then Joel Robuchon’s Atelier, then Morrimoto, and following with Gordon Ramsey’s The Maze,. Other honorable mentions for me would have to be Willey Dufrense’s WD-50 and Chris Lee’s Aureole.  An important part of why these chefs are so good at what they do is that all are careful and precise in their quest to clarify the American diner’s perception of each respective cuisine. So, when traveling to an exotic land isn’t convenient, you can always go out to see the world through the eyes of these very talented chefs and the food that reflects their culinary perspective and the importance of their heritage. Bon Appetite!


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