“Bartender, bring me your finest Wine in a Can!”

winecanbarokesThere is an Australian wine making company called Barokes that is packaging Shiraz, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, along with a few sparkling wines in 250 mL aluminum pop-top cans. They are trying to appeal to the everyday drinker of wine who drinks wine with every meal, due to the abundance of currently lower priced wines in the market. There are a great many wines out there that are completely affordable and there is a new younger generation that is making drinking wine a more casual experience to be enjoyed by everyone. I’m all for the prices being low, but is it possible to look elegant while drinking wine from a can? You might as well be sittin’ barefoot on the back porch downin’ PBR’s with your cousin Zeek, because it ain’t a pretty picture. However, Barokes’s wine in a can was intended to be poured out into a proper stemware to allow for swirling and visual appeal.  I like the inclusion of wine in a can to the varied options for alcoholic beverages because it makes wine easier to approach for the regular person who might want to try something different. With a fresh glass of wine coming in the individual serving size can, everyone can drink what they want and not worry about resealing the wine for use at a later time. Either way, wine in a can has to be better than those evil alternatives: wine in a box or (that other backyard favorite) the gallon jug. Hurray for technological advancement, I can’t wait to get my hands on some Barokes and crack open a refreshing CAN of wine today!


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