“Where’s the Match.com for the Unemployed?” by MDC

unemployed-workerThese days there are only so many options for the unemployed workers who are trying to find their next lead. Gone are the days of grabbing the local paper turning to the classifieds and circling the best possibilities for future employment. In this day and age with the printed word on its way out, most people use the internet to generate leads for jobs. Specifically, due to its enormous popularity and diversity, the search is done using the website Craigslist.org. Other sites that are helpful and that I have used are Monster.com and Backpage.com. As the alarming rate of the unemployed population in the U.S. continues to rise and as more people are looking for work, what happens if there are too many people chasing the same opportunities? Hopefully, things start to turn around soon, but in the mean time be on the look out for new resources for the jobless worker. Meaning sites dealing with specific industries, like Eater.com for the restaurant biz, are getting into the game and are doing a good job helping employees connect with potential employers. This recession is hurting the whole country on a Macro level and a good place to start fixing the big picture is on the Micro level. In order to start dealing with the national level of unemployment, we must start to look at the industries that are being most affected. After they are identified, then specific tools like websites geared towards helping individuals with certain skill sets get matched up with jobs that can use them. Things are not good and if it’s broke then we need to fix it!


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