“Coming in for a Landing” by MDC

Finally after 7 weeks of looking for work I seem to have found a landing place here on the Lower East Side. I have joined the warm hard working crew at the Nuevo Latino Spanish restaurant Rayuela (165 Allen between Rivington and Stanton). Chef Maximo Tejada is much traveled throughout Spanish speaking countries and has brought the concept of Estilo Libre Latino or Freestyle Latin cuisine to NYC. Since the name Rayuela means “hopscotch” in Spanish the nature of the ingredients for each dish are a blend from the bold flavors found in many different Latin cultures. Each offering from Chef Tejada arrives at a truely unique and tastey result. The bar cocktails are an amazing array of new age ingredients brought together by acclaimed mixologist Junior Merino. Like French Culinary Alum Chef Tejada, Merino believes that ingredients should be artisanal, healthful, and natural. The overall philosophy of Rayuela is one that incorporates unique style and unusual ingredients from the Latin world. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of such a close family who is dedicatewd to creating memorable dining experiences for their confident, sophisticated, and young clientele every night!


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