“Why I Like Wine…” by MDC

Aside from the obvious inebriating thrills of this alcoholic beverage there are many tantalizing attributes that are present in a bottle of wine. Haunting telling aromas evoked by a freshly poured glass of wine can be full of life as they conjure up images of far away places or unfamiliar landscapes. With a swirl of the glass the smells elevate and the true story of the grape begins to unfold before you. The wine touches your lips and as you close your eyes to heighten your senses the wine dances across your palate, exposing its nature with subtle soft notes of its origin. The grapes grew, they were picked and pressed, fermented and bottled by design with as many variables as you can count, equivalent to the toughest math problem you ever had. The design is the dream of the wine maker and if he can achieve his dream, then he can enjoy an ultimate success. I like to think that the idea of achieving ultimate success and reaching your goals is echoed back when a bottle of wine is the perfect expression of what the wine maker had originally envisioned. For me, appreciating great wine is like taking life lessons from those who have paved the road to that ultimate success. Thanks to those men and women who continue to feed me knowledge via the deep-rooted noble tradition of making wine!


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