“Hey, My Cast Iron Pan Has A Green Hue!” by MDC

For hundreds of years people have been cooking in cast iron vessels. Prior to the fancy teflon cookware of today, cast iron was the standard for great chefs around the world . The bottom line is that cast iron is very dependable and will last a for generations if it is properly treated. These are things that you might know already, but did you know that cast iron pans have a natural non-stick surface.

That’s right cast iron is naturally non-stick after it has been properly seasoned.  This eliminates the need for expensive, toxic chemicals to be used to create the non-stick surfaces in modern cookware.

Another reason cast iron is a greener option is that for clean up all that is needed is some hot water and a good scrub avoiding the use of any chemicals, detergents or solvents.

Since cast iron has been forged it is very durable, withstanding higher temperatures and distributing the heat evenly through the cookware. Also, cast iron hold it’s heat so that less heat is needed to cook the food properly.

Cast iron pans stay in families for my years and are passed down through the cooking ranks. Cast iron vessels are sought after from resale shops and garage sales, because even if it looks rusty or dirty, cleaning and reseasoning will let it go on cooking forever.

There is one last reason that cast iron is great and I find it somewhat surpising.  When you cook something in a cast iron pot, there are small amounts of iron that go into the food. Some people can really benefit from this, especially those afflicted with anemia or women in their child bearing years.

Clearly we should all be more conscious of our bodies and the environment, but since cast iron is the greenest option I’m thinking of becoming exclusive!


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