“Are Those Flowers Floating in Your Pot?” by MDC

Not really flowers but a bundle of tied up garlic, herbs and spices is called a Bouquet Garni. When preparing any protein or vegetable stock it is useful to float a bouquet garni in the liquid to add additional flavor. The French chefs that I learned from at The French Culinary Institute often wrap the pungent blend in a leek green, infusing a light earthy sweet aroma in to their broth. Unfortunately, not that many people  make their own stocks at home, so instead they choose to buy them in a can or worse yet they use bouillion cubes. This is terrible because it’s so easy to make stock you might as well buy the fresh ingredients and take the time to do it right. Your end result will be much cheaper, fresher and healthier, but just don’t forget to drop in your the bouquet garni!


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