“Down At The Meatball Shop” by MDC

Late this past Sunday afternoon we left the house in search of good eats. We really didn’t have anything specific in mind, so we wandered down Allen St. searching for something to satiate. Coming up on the corner of Stanton, I spied a new place bustling with activity and an invitingly warm atmosphere. Low and behold it was The Meatball Shop, a new LES casual eatery that I’ve been hearing so many great things about. We swung the door opened and the young confident hostess greeted us with a smile. She promptly sat us at the communal table in the middle of the cozy space. It was very busy and they’ve only been opened for a few weeks, so we didn’t have any problems with the less than prompt initial server encounter. Two draught beers were placed on order while we literally checked off our selections directly on the menu. One order of the daily special lamb meatballs with cream sauce for the lady and I had to have the classic meatball sub. Both offerings were sublime; absolutely fresh, delicious and left us feeling totally satisfied. The final price for our late lunch was less than $25, so The Meatball Shop is a welcome addition to our neighborhood in this struggling economy. For me the sweetest part about this new LES spot is that my friend Michael Chernow, also a French Culinary Institute Alumni, is part owner. He’s been talking about opening a place of his own for a while now and since he’s been actively working in the hospitality business for years he knows what it takes to succeed. It just goes to show that your dreams can come true, even if they show up in unctuous spherical form. The forecast at 84 Stanton St. is definitely “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”!


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