“Here’s to a Less Pungent St. Patrick’s Day” by MDC

As everyone knows, the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is by over consuming  corned beef, cabbage and ,of course, green beer.  However, if you have an aversion to the smell of cooked cabbage, which can ruin the holiday for many, then cheer up there’s hope.  That pungent scent can be avoided altogether in the hands of a careful chef.  A little-known fact is that cabbage develops an unpleasant smell only when it’s overcooked.  Because cabbage contains substances that when broken down can turn into smelly sulfur compounds, cooks must adhere to strict time and temperature guidelines for their recipes.  The longer the cabbage is cooked, the worse the odor becomes. If you walk away from the pot too long and the broth could become wrong! Eat, Drink(Responsibly) and Enjoy Your Holiday!!!


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