About Simone R. Careaga

meOddly enough, my love affair with food as art began when I was working as the director of advertising for a jewelry store. I’d never had a great appreciation for jewelry but I suddenly found myself in the position of translating its appeal and marketing its beauty to the public. I was lucky enough to have a boss that provided me with a magnificent photo studio and complete creative freedom. After a year and a half of photo shoots and conceptualizing advertisements for the sparkling gems I found myself in a creative rut. I consulted with the Sales Manager and decided to run an issue of our monthly magazine surrounding colored gems. I sat in my studio surveying the table stocked with necklaces of sapphire, earrings of rubies, rings of amethyst, citrine, jade and emeralds and suddenly I wasn’t gazing at jewelry. The tiny faceted globes of brilliant color were transformed into cranberries, grapes, blueberries, apples, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, cherries and plums. And thus, my next issue was born; a study of art imitating the beauty of life. Each photo spread juxtaposed a colorful gem with a juicy, ripe, colorful and edible counterpart.  Over the next year the subject of food crept into my work time and time again: oddly, strangely and poignantly present. Sitting in the lunchroom one day, my coworker, who was casually perusing my latest issue looked up from the pages and said, “You don’t love jewelry, you love food.”  And she was right. I’d spent the years putting myself through college and a few thereafter working in the restaurant industry. When I graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and found a job creating, photographing and designing I thought the subject matter for which I was working didn’t matter. I was wrong.

At the time, Matt and I had been dreaming of moving to New York; he to attend culinary school and me to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in the city I’d fallen in love with while visiting my family so many times before. I found myself in a position to make a change in my life, to find a place where I could meld my skills in design with my passion for food, and I took it. For the past two years I have had the unique opportunity to explore a multitude of facets of the restaurant industry, in both my professional and personal life. I’m currently working for Boqueria Restaurant as the Director of Marketing, Events and Catering. Through this position I had the thrilling experience of being intricately involved in the opening of Boqueria’s second restaurant in the heart of Soho. The creativity and passion for the industry doesn’t end when I leave work however. Many of my nights are spent at home with Matt; as he cooks up magnificent culinary creations I attempt to record on film the delicious morsels that completely and thoroughly satiate my appetite.

I hope you enjoy the insights I plan to bring to this blog and I invite you to visit my photographic study of nature’s most beautiful art and Matt’s delicious dishes.


One Response to “About Simone R. Careaga”

  1. RonC (Dad) Says:

    Great stuff Moni! You never told me about the Jewel/Food connection. The who;le blog is very good. Interesting stories, good pics. What did Matt get you for the big “30”? After reading the blog, I think matt hit it on the head with “Two peas in a pod” 8^) I’m very happy for you and Matt, you sound very happy with each other.

    PS – Matt, you need to tag your pictures in the source code.

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