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Daily Culinary by SRC

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Today’s quote is taken from the bottle of Flying Dog Hefe Weizen I am enjoying on Christmas day; ” Good People Drink Good Beer” – Hunter S Thompson . . .
and I so agree


“The Cereal Killer Strikes Again!” by SRC

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Photo Credit: Terry Border

Dan Barber’s Foie Gras Parable

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I recently came upon a speech given by Dan Barber, Chef and Co-owner of Blue Hill in (New York and Westchester) about Spanish Farmer Eduardo Sousa. Dan Barber’s praise of Slow Food and his account of Sousa’s natural foie gras production are really inspiring.

Watch the video: Dan Barber’s Foie Gras Parable

“Just Doing My Job” by SRC

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flatironEvery week I talk to my dad, a “New Yorker” born and raised, and he asks me what I’ve been up to. I begin by recounting the most current details of my job at which point he politely interrupts and asks me; “but what are you doing for fun?” I assure him that I’m taking every advantage the city has to offer in terms of nightlife, culture and fabulous food but remind him that I moved here with the intent of finding a career that I thoroughly enjoy, a career that won’tt leave me counting the days, hours and minutes until the coveted weekend. I remind him that through my work I have opportunities for fun and excitement not readily available to everyone in NYC.

In addition to my responsibilities in marketing, private events and catering I have the unique opportunity of coordinating my restaurant’s presence at fundraising events throughout New York. The City Harvest’s Bid Against Hunger, Autism Speaks and PJ Wine’s Spanish Wine Festival Benefiting Action Against Hunger are just a few of the events our restaurant supports each year. My favorite event, however, is the annual Celebrate Flatiron Chefs event which supports urban green space and free kids programs, concerts, art and readings in Madison Square Park. I’ve participated in the event three years in a row and this year, having moved into a new office at the north west corner of the park, the cause is even closer to my heart.  Much of the event’s success is  attributed to Maggie Landau, of Madison Square Park Conservancy, who does an amazing job of organizing a flawless and highly enjoyable event. The soiree takes place every July under the Elm Trees in Madison Park. Approximately 25 Flatiron Restaurants and 15 beverage sponsors present delectable morsels and luscious libations to a discerning NYC audience.

On this one night of the year my colleagues and I escape the confines of the restaurant and hit the great outdoors.  Grilling in the park, talking to our faithful restaurant regulars and those who have not yet had the opportunity to dine with us, but most of all we enjoy each other’s company, good food and good wine in the city we all love. We are thankful that we have the luxury of serving the public and being able to raise funds for the areas in which we work and live in this great city of ours. Viva La NYC!

Daily Culinary by SRC

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disraeli-webToday’s quote is: “Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius.” — Benjamin Disraeli

“Inspired” by SRC

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Inspired by my latest “Daily Culinary; quote of the day” I braved the heat of the kitchen this evening and made Matt dinner. I chose to attempt my mother’s hard-worked, yet unrecorded, recipe for Picadillo, the dish of my childhood.  Sergio Careaga, my Grandfather, was born in Cuba and moved to New York when he was 17. Picadillo was a regular part of his cooking repertoire, making it at least 3 times a week for my father and aunt. Needless to say, once my dad was grown he rarely had the urge to make a dish he was so inundated with as a child. He took to making more sophisticated recipes but still with the flavors of home and tradition.  My mom, understanding the importance of passing along my heritage, committed herself to perfecting the dish. My memories of Picadillo are ones of comfort, and recreating this feeling was my goal. I took my time in preparing each of my ingredients, drinking some wine and standing over the simmering pot as I watched, listened and smelled for memories past… and what do you know, the smell of familiarity slowly filled the room. I could tell you that I succeeded in my first attempt at the recipe but I’ll let the mental image of Matt sleeping soundly on the couch as I write and picture of his perfectly clean plate do it for me.


Fresh from the Market by SRC

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Photograph by Simone R. Careaga

Matt bought these gorgeous mushrooms at the Union Square Green Market.

photograph by Simone R. Careaga

Photograph by Simone R. Careaga

This is the scrumptious canape he made with them:
Seared summer mushroom, scape mayo, paprika oil, marjoram